An app that makes it easier for kids to get together in groups.


Making arrangements to get kids together in groups of more than 3 or 4 is cumbersome and difficult with existing tools. Some activities really need a big group.

Kids under the age of 12 or 13 need their parents to make all arrangements for them to get together with other kids their age. If I want my kid to play with your kid, we have to email or text back and forth to set everything up. Not difficult. But if my kid wants to have a nerf battle with ten of his friends, it quickly becomes a chore to keep track of who is coming and make sure everyone has all the same information. Some activities are more fun with larger groups — dancing, bowling, ice skating. Some activities really require a larger group of kids — baseball, soccer.

Interviews with parents on their experiences making arrangements for their kids.

I spoke with parents who had encountered the challenge over the course of a number of years and through arranging numerous gatherings.
Key Pain Points with existing tools.

Information is not accessible in one location.

Many parents use group Messages. But to find key information — date, time, location — users have to scroll through many messages.

Or events can't be joined in family configurations.

Most apps will not allow you to join an event by selecting family members in various combinations.


Has 2 kids (aged 8 and 10) who play soccer and baseball and like to meet friends at Brooklyn Bridge Park to play in the sprinklers.

Ann wants her kids to play pickup games in the park and invite their friends to come bowling with them.

Ann is not a big organizer and usually just group messages the same set of parents to set up activities for her kids.


Facilitate casual group activities within existing networks.

Make it easy for non-facilitators. Create central location for all information.

Allow users to join activities within network by family member(s).

Ability to create family account. Ability to select which family members will attend event.

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Focus on existing networks and how to facilitate access.

Make it easy to auto-facilitate. Groups self organize around mutual desire for an event.

Next Steps

Expanding networks. Do networks grow organically? How to manage. How to encourage.

Empowering facilitators. Tools to help people organize a puppet show, a dance class, a robot workshop.