Trent Williams

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Trent Williams

The big idea is to guide people through tasks, processes, and information.

But I am also practical and make the most of what I have. As much as the big picture thinking, it's the self motivated attention to the day to day details that make things work — on budget, on time.

I started out designing and building websites, designed for print, and in the last few years made a determined shift into User Experience through formal study — books, articles, General Assembly's program — and through any kind of practice I can get.

In the mornings, after breakfast, I try to put in at least 15 minutes of Japanese study. Because I have two boys who speak it perfectly and because more culture and language is more perspective. The commute is given over to bike riding and to no thinking at all. Or just the thinking that is being. On the weekends I try to get some extra reading in.

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