Finding a graduate program at The New School

Increasing awareness and enrollment while directing prospective students to a program that fits.

My Role

UX/UI Designer

My Output

User flows
UI Design
Invision prototyping

The New School Landing page mobile view


Inspire personal engagement and a first step

  • Grad school is a big investment and the application process is long. This is just the first step.
  • The range of programs and students means different audiences and needs.
  • But the scope and budget necessitated a flexible and adaptive, rather than custom, approach.
Seed Illustration


Research Illustration

Competetive Research

Most experts suggest that landing pages should focus on directing a user to one clear call to action.

Data Illustration

Data from previous landing pages

Traffic from the website suggested that users were finding their own way to the information by alternate routes.

Expert Interviews Illustration

Expert interviews

Traffic insights were backed up by the the experience of enrollment experts on staff who spoke directly to prospective students.



Users want some agency

Prospective students are self-directed and want to do some of the digging on their own.


Users want more information before taking next step

Landing pages should help guide further discovery.


Users need to feel they have come to right place

Clear and immediate orientation is as important as the strength of the offerings.


A Clear first step

Reaching out to declare interest is always an option on the page.

Alternate pathways of discovery

Many ways to learn more.

The New School Landing page Mobile view


The navigation alllows the prospective student to take their own approach.

Graduate Programs

Quick overviews via show/hides.

The New School Landing page Mobile view
The New School Landing page Mobile view

Personal Story

Video, quote, quick facts.

A unique perspective

The user always has the option of jumping to the full website for more information or simply joining the mailing list via the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The New School Landing page Mobile view


Opportunities to explore

The ultimate goal of prospective students is to find the right program. And the ultimate goal of the university is to have those users apply and become students. So I mapped the journey from discovery via an ad through to submitting an application.

There are many tributaries here. So there are many opportunities to improve engagement with prospective students.

The New School application flow